From My Family’s Indian Kitchen To Yours



Whether you’ve always cooked at home or you now are forced to due to our lockdown, we’re all home cooks now. And we understand it can be hard to find inspiration amid the endless possibilities of internet cooking sites. That is why right now, this book is my go to for all my easy, quick and tasty family favorite recipes. So if you crave easy, simple, exotic and delicious recipes with simple ingredients, then you are in the right place.

Instead of binge watching the news and suffering existential dread why not make a tandoori chicken sandwich or curried scallops and enjoy our food and our health. The great thing about these recipes are that they are quite simple and you don’t need to fuss around. I love lots of flavor so it does not skimp on yumminess or heartiness. Thank you for trusting us enough to try our cherished family recipes. I hope these dishes bring as much joy to your kitchen and dining room as they have to ours.



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