Chicken Tikka Masala Spice Blend




These spice blends are uniquely made to bring the right amount of exotic and robust flavors to any meal. These spices are a secret family blend which have 14 different spices that will tantalize your palette. I’ve also listed my “go to” recipes for each corresponding spice blend, which will condense hours and hours of cooking time into 15 minutes! Because of these expertly created spice blends now everyone can be an Indian cook at home! You won’t have to stockpile numerous spices and ingredients and more importantly I’ve eliminated the guess work. You will not find these spice blends in any grocery store isle. Typical grocery stores only have mainstay spices, so why not discover new flavors and cuisines by trying something completely new and exotic. These spices are made to order so they don’t start losing their flavor by sitting on a grocery store shelf. A jar of turmeric could be sitting on a shelf for several months while it’s valuable oils will evaporate that entire time. I’m excited for you to try my spice blends and enjoy a homemade, authentic Indian meal at home with your family.


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