About Me

Hi my name is Monika Arora and I’m here to share my love of Indian food with you. I’ve always had a fascination with scrumptious food. Beginning in my parents kitchen at home, and later in our family’s restaurant kitchen I remember loving the smell of onions, tomatoes and cilantro being blended together with freshly ground spices. I would anxiously wait for the finished entree so I could finally dig in.

That was many years ago but the memories are very vivid, now I have my own family in Columbus Ohio with three beautiful children Kareena, Shaan, Arman and my husband Samir have more then happily volunteered to be official taste testers.  I’ve definitely been raised in a family that is obsessed with tasty food and now my husband and kids are the biggest food critics I’ve ever met. But my mom has always said,  these recipes that are handed down to me are not just recipes, they are big hugs and kisses from our family to yours. And I do agree with her, because I have treasured the times I’ve spent with her in the kitchen, quiet moments chopping vegetables or simmering sauces.

My pioneer mother instilled a passion for cooking in me and I am honored to carry on her legacy. I believe food is a great communicator which connects generations and helps us build memories and friendships. It teaches us the importance of sharing food and a bit of ourselves. Thank you for trusting me enough to try our cherished family recipes. I hope these dishes bring as much joy to your kitchen and dining room as they have to ours. EditAbout Me