Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

1 pound of diced chicken breast

1 onion chopped

3 cloves of garlic chopped

2 inches of ginger grated

2 Tbs of Chicken Tikka Masala Spice Blend

1 cup of Trader Joe’s canned tomato sauce

2 cup of water

1 cup of nonfat or greek yogurt for tang

In medium fry pan add some vegetable oil over medium heat and sauté
the chopped onions, garlic and ginger until brown. Once brown add in

the Chicken tikka masala spice blend and mix together then add in the tomato
sauce and mix in for a few minutes. Then add in the water and raise the
heat so it starts to boil and add in the chicken. Finally add in the yogurt
and lower the heat and cover the pan for 10 minutes for the flavors to
blend together. Add salt or more red pepper if you need it more spicy.

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